Companies Vs. employees

In today business activities, Companies are working very hard to find a better way to improve better customer service to increase their profit. Customers are the one who bring money to all businesses; therefore, providing good customer services have always been and will be the priority number one for the companies. Employees are the one who have direct contact to the customers in everyday activities of the companies. By nature, when someone is doing something for himself or herself, he or she put a lot of efforts and times together in order to get done that thing perfectly. For example, the way someone is driving someone Else's car is different than the way he or she is driving his or her own car. Based on these ideas, I believe that the companies should allow employees to be more evolved as business partner not only as a simple employee who believes that nobody cares about him or her.
Employees can feel evolved in a company by proving them good health benefit, good treatment as a person, and good training skills. Also, one of the best ways to let employees feel like they mean something in a company is by providing them a good and clear investment plan which will not be a 401k but a way to succeed in life. As result, an employee would look at a company as his or her own company which will encourage them to provide better customer service. In sum, companies will continue to grow and more efficient.

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