Being a Good worker

The key of being a professional at work is to listen and communicate effectively others. A  Professional is someone knows a lot and very good at what he or she is doing. Companies are depending on those people to become successful which make it easy for professionals to get jobs of their dreams. However, to be good worker or a pro is not only about knowing and very good at what you are doing but it is also about discipline, integrity, honesty, being friendly, social and respect to yourself and others. Now, let’s focus on what it takes to make it up to a professional level.
Most of the time, we respond better to a situation when we have been listening closely to all details regarding that issue. Basically, it simply means that when someone understands issues very well, then it is easier for find a solution for them. By making this point, I want to point out how it is important to listen to your boss when he or she is explaining to you a project that need to be executed. In that case, you have to understand that when you superior is done talking; it is going be all on your shoulder. In that sense, there are certain steps that you have to take to avoid you being seen as an incompetent idiot.

v  You have to take notes while she or he is giving you details about what needs to be done.

v  Paying a very close attention to avoid missing important information

v  Try not interrupt him too many times while is talking

v  Do not worry about phone calls during that time

v  Follow him to wherever he goes while he is talking

v  Ask question whenever you have a chance

v  Make sure that you get the most important info necessary  

v  Review your notes later to be sure that you are on point

 Before executing the task, you have to plan everything. If the project is a big one that required additional helps, make sure that you are surrounding yourself with smart and hard working people. However, if it is a small project for which you won't need helps from others, so you have to start as earlier as possible in order to complete it even before time. By doing so, you will have enough times to review the whole execution of the project and correct mistakes if necessary.
Finally, I can guarantee you follow these steps, if you are an honest person and behaving the way you are supposed to be behaving then you will be just fine. You will have better understanding of what you are doing, you will grow as a worker and more money and promotion will come to you.  

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